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Beauty Tips

Create a penetrating, hydrating application of face oil by misting skin with a mist toner.

How to Create a Penetrating, Hydrating Application of Face Oil

  1. Mist your skin with Oil Perfect’s mist toner* or your choice of toner.
  2. Immediately warm a few drops of face oils between your hands, and gently massage the oil into your skin.
  3. Next, allow your skin to air dry. Your skin will feel supple and soft in no time.

There is no need to apply additional serum or moisturiser following these 3 simple steps. Face oil typically makes a great and safe makeup primer as they provide a smooth canvas for makeup application, and give your face an immediate plumping effect – a more youthful, natural makeup look.

*Misting with hydrosol is especially beneficial prior to applying face oils. Besides hydrating your skin, hydrosol nourishes, restores, and conditions the acid mantle, the thin protective film that acts as a barrier between the skin and outside world. Hydrosols closely match the skin’s natural pH, hence they are known to be an excellent ingredient to tone, hydrate, and rebalance the pH of the skin.

A product may lose its efficacy over time as your skin adjusts to it or our skin’s needs can vary at different times of the year. Our customised face oil caters to your skin’s needs at anytime.

A Switch of Face Oils May be Necessary

With our skin being a complex organ, its needs can never be satisfied by a single product or ingredient. Sometimes, a product may lose its efficacy over time as your skin adjusts to it. Also, our skin’s needs can vary at different times of the year due to environmental and lifestyle changes such as weather, diet, or stress. Therefore, there is an imperative need for a skincare switch-up seasonally or over time. So, the simple solution is to listen to your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

At Oil Perfect, the option of customising face oils gives you the flexibility to change your skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs at anytime. It is also ideal to alternate between blends in the morning and evening regimen for a comprehensive benefit of oils. Just like our bodies require an array of nutritional food to remain healthy, our skin also benefits through a balanced "diet" of nutritional ingredients from a superior skincare regimen.

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