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We Heart Face Oils

Face Oils

There is a large variety of face oils in the market nowadays. Just type “face oils” into any search engine and thousands of them will show up. So what is the hype on face oils? If you have not heard about it or are still contemplating to try one, read this article to find out more on why we love face oils.

A Look into Face Oils

Do you actually know that face oils have a long history in skincare? It was said that the ancient Egyptians used a variety of plant-based oils on skin and olive oil was used as a moisturiser by ancient Greek women.

What exactly are face oils? Face oils contain only anhydrous (oil soluble) ingredients. They are made up of mainly botanical oils. Different oils combat different skin concerns (due to their compositions).  Preservatives are not required in face oils but vitamin E is usually added to extend their shelf lives. Face oils are usually used as every day skincare products to moisturise, soften, and smooth skin. Basically, face oils work like moisturisers.

Benefits of Face Oils

Oils can be categorised into emollients and occlusives depending on the size of the fatty acid molecules that make up the oil. Emollients (oils with smaller fatty acid molecules) help to soften, smooth, and strengthen the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin. Occlusives (oils with bigger fatty acid molecules) tend to remain on the skin’s surface longer, thus forming a protective layer on the skin to protect it and prevent water loss.

Besides rich in omegas, oils come with other benefits, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and properties like anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Depending on the types of oil used, the functions of face oils can be regenerating, nourishing, balancing, repairing, soothing, calming, or glowing. Oils provide your skin with nutrients to improve its overall resilience, strengthening the skin barrier.

Face oils are high in skin identical ingredients. They are wonderful to replenish the skin’s natural oil content, as pure plant oils have an affinity with the skin naturally. By applying face oils, your skin can better absorb the undiluted, natural botanical actives to restore its health. 

As face oils do not require preservatives, the risk of irritations or allergic reactions and potential health issues caused by harsh chemical preservatives, such as parabens, is also significantly reduced.

Why am I paying more for Face Oils

Face oils usually come in smaller bottles as compared to the average moisturisers found in the market. Is it really worth the cost? Well, a small bottle of oil can actually last you a long time. The reason being that face oils are highly concentrated products made of all oils. You only need to apply a small amount to see results.

Moisturisers, on the other hand, comprise a mixture of water and oils. In fact, three quarter of the mixture is usually water. Hence, the cost of making a moisturiser tends to be generally lower than that of a face oil. Additionally, the concentration of oils in a moisturiser is significantly lower than that of a face oil (remember, face oils are made up of 100% oils). Thus, no matter how much moisturiser you slather on your skin, the benefits will never be the same. Considering all these factors, you may be paying more for face oils upfront but the results you get will amaze you.

Using the Right Face Oil

Not all face oils are created equal. Different oils have different benefits to offer to your skin. This is the wonderful part about face oils! A well-formulated face oil consists of oils that serve all the functions required. It is also important to find the right face oil for your skin type. There are oils meant for each skin type but not all oils are suitable for each skin type. If you are starting with a new face oil, you need to firstly, understand your skin type, and ask yourself what end results you want to achieve. It is important to do your own research because every oil has its own qualities and properties. If it is your first time using face oils, like with any transition in skincare regimen, give it some time. You may need two weeks to a month to re-balance your skin, but like we said, the results can be so worth it! 

Customising Face Oils

Wanting to try face oils but still overwhelmed with the selection of face oils in the beauty market? Do not fret! At Oil Perfect, we offer you the option to customise your face oils. We have included all the research that you need and filtered the most suitable oils for each skin type. We have categorised them into base, booster, and beauty oils. Our base oils are specifically selected for each skin type to address the most common skin concerns faced by the individual skin type. Our booster oils, suitable for all skin types, provide the additional “boost” to your skin because they contain more potent therapeutic properties. Our beauty oils are basically essential oils, which not only smell divine, but provide healing and skin-supporting benefits.

All you have to do is go according to your skin type, select the base, booster, and beauty oils, and voila, you get the face oil you need and want, all in a bottle! It is as simple as that! We have a wide array of beneficial oils to choose from, so there is definitely one that is suitable for you and your skin loves!

The option of customising face oils also gives you the flexibility to change your skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs at anytime. Your skin’s needs can vary at different times of the year due to environmental and lifestyle changes such as weather, diet, or stress. Sometimes, a product may lose its efficacy over time as your skin adjusts to it. A skincare switch-up is therefore necessary seasonally or over time.

If you need further help in customising your face oils, we are happy to receive an email from you at Customise your face oils here or alternatively, you can take a look at our face oil serums here, where you will find one specially formulated for each skin type.

We are not raving about face oils just because it is in the trend. We all started with the typical moisturisers (yes, and we kept switching for the next better one) in the market, and most of these contain fillers, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients which do little to help your skin. After we switched to include face oils in our beauty regimens, we could see the vast difference in our skin within half a year. This is why we decided to explore and experiment on oils, and found anhydrous formulations to be genuinely beneficial for skin. They are a safer option too, being all natural. Honestly, you just need to start using one to discover the beauty of oils yourself!