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Waterless Beauty

Anhydrous simply means containing no water. The market for waterless beauty is growing, not because it is in the trend. Waterless beauty should be a lifestyle as it is not only good for your skin, but it can be a sustainable move too.

Benefits for Skin

Anhydrous products are formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients, such as antioxidants and omega rich oils. These ingredients are genuinely beneficial to the skin, and these lipophilic compounds can penetrate the skin barrier more effectively than water soluble ingredients. Basically, water in beauty products just adds volume to the formulations, and it does little to help the skin. Water is an inexpensive option that dilutes the products. Besides, it may damage skin due to the drying effects of water evaporating from the skin surface, and the irritation and disruption of skin barrier lipids by emulsifiers (ingredients that bind the oil and water). Of course, that is with the exception of toners. A good toner contains the beneficial functional ingredients for your skin.

Having water in the formulations means there is a need for a preservative system. A lot of beauty companies, although advertised to be paraben free, are still using other synthetic preservatives to extend the shelf life. Anhydrous formulations, on the other hand, do not require preservatives, and thus, do not present any potential negative impacts on health.

Go Green

If you just pluck any beauty product off the shelf, you may notice that the first ingredient listed is usually “water” (or “aqua”). Most of these products contain 60-80% of water in their formulations. That is a huge amount of water used, considering these thousands of products in the market.

However, let’s face it. Going totally waterless is impossible in the beauty industry, as it will still involve water through the several stages in making an anhydrous product. So, will choosing anhydrous products really save the environment?

Well, it definitely will in the long term. The simplest equation is choosing anhydrous products greatly reduces the amount of water used as no water is featured in these products at all. Also, waterless products are more concentrated, as they are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients. So, a little goes a long way, where you will use fewer products, hence, there will be reduced packaging and transportation. This environmental footprint may seem small for one, but do not overlook the bigger impact it may have on the environment if more and more of us are moving towards it.

It is still imperative for beauty companies to be water responsible despite the claim that sustainability is their intention when creating waterless formulations. There still needs to be a conscious effort by the beauty industry to reduce the amount of water used when making these products and get ingredients from suppliers that are ethically sourced.

Both companies and consumers need to play their part and share the same belief in reducing the environmental footprint, in order to move towards a new dawn of beauty sustainability. 

At Oil Perfect, we are committed to minimise our overall environmental footprint in all areas when making our products. We mainly use glass bottles, PET bottles, and aluminium tins as our packaging, which are totally reusable or recyclable. We hope that our consumers would also reuse or recycle these packaging. Let us embrace sustainability together and save our planet Earth.