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Knowing my Skin Type – Oily Skin

When browsing skincare products, you would often look for those that cater to your skin type. A normal skin type has the perfect balance and this is what we would want to achieve ultimately. Is it possible to revert from an oily skin to a normal skin? First of all, you need to understand what causes oily skin, and adopt the skincare routine for oily skin.

What is Oily Skin and What Causes it?

Do you have a shiny, oily, slick-looking face, with large pores and acne blemishes? Then, you have an oily skin type. Usually, the T-zone is particularly impacted, with possible acne affecting your face, back, neck, chest, or upper arm area.

The main factors that contribute to oily and acne prone skin (apart from genetics) are oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria. Hormonal levels and activity may lead to an increase in sebum production. Experiences such as pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, stress, sleep deprivation, and diet may all contribute to trigger hormonal changes.

Lack of exfoliation can lead skin cells to accumulate and eventually pores to clog. Overuse of harsh synthetic skincare products may adversely result in dehydrated and under-nourished skin cells, and it will strip the skin of its much needed natural oils, fats, and nutrients.

Poor diet and lifestyle choices all contribute to oily skin and acne blemishes. For example, diet that is high in sugar is linked to increased sebum production and pore enlargement (yes, cut down the intake of sugar). Bacteria naturally exists on the skin but if you do not adopt a proper skincare regimen, it may contribute to acne blemishes as well. Living in a hot and humid climate like Singapore will result to increased perspiration and sebum production.

Skincare Solutions to Oily Skin

  1. A simple skincare routine which nourishes and hydrates skin is all it takes to curb your oily skin problem. Cleanse, hydrate, and gently exfoliate your skin regularly to increase your skin cell renewal rate.

  2. Nourish and hydrate with the right balance of oils. There is often a misconception that oils are unsuitable for oily skin type. Oils have their own nutrient profiles, and it is possible that the right oils can balance and correct problem skin, reducing and eliminating acne breakouts, and related skin concerns. For example, oils with high linoleic acids are excellent for oily and acne prone skin, as they are lighter, thinner with fast absorption rate. Essential oils also have their own properties that can assist and in the treatment and prevention of acne prone skin.

  3. Avoid things that will aggravate skin. Overuse of comedogenic cosmetics (foundation and concealer), especially for long hours, form an occlusive layer on the epidermis, which result in skin unable to breathe and clog your pores. Harsh synthetic cleansers, for example, will dry out skin, resulting in more oil production (because your skin needs to find its balance) and acne blemishes.

  4. Consider an oil-based cleanser. You may think it is ironic to use oils to counter your oily skin. On the contrary, oil-based cleansers are among the best cleansers for oily skin because oil attracts oil. When you massage oil onto your skin, it actually lifts away the oils and impurities without stripping it of its moisture.

Choose the Best for your Skin

Once you understand your skin type, it is important to create a suitable skincare routine that works for you. Make some simple changes in your lifestyle and adopt a simple skincare routine are sufficient to make your skin look radiant, healthy, and balanced.

At Oil Perfect, we do customisation of face oils to address your skin type and skin concerns. If you are unsure of the oils to choose, you can take the skin quiz, and we will help you craft your perfect face oil. Alternatively, Perfect Balance Face Oil Serum is specially formulated with the right balance of botanical oils and active ingredients to address the skin problems faced by oily skin. To see the results of using Perfect Balance over a period of 4 weeks, click here.

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