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Knowing my Skin Type – Dry Skin

When it comes to beauty and skincare, it is crucial that you are using products that are formulated for your skin type. Using products that are not tailored for your skin type may not help your skin and even make it worse. How do you determine your skin type? In this article, you will better understand what dry skin is and what skincare products are suitable for you if you fall under this category.

What is Dry Skin

Basically, dry skin appears flaky, scaling, or even dull, lacking the radiance it needs. Your skin may be itchy, sensitive, inflamed, irritated, or cracked with a tight feeling after washing. Note that dehydrated skin differs from dry skin. Dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition due to a lack of water such as climate, environmental factors, or not enough water intake.

What Causes Dry Skin?

There are several factors that cause dry skin. One of which is the lack of sebum production. This could be due to genetics and with age, sebum production generally lowers, leading to dry skin, or unbalanced skin with dry patches. As skin ages, moisture loss through the lipid barrier also happens more easily because its gets thinner.  This may be further intensified as a result of UV damage, and other environmental (e.g. air-conditioning, indoor heating, high winds, winters), biological (genetics), or mechanical (e.g. frequent muscle movements like frowning, smiling) factors.

The use of harsh chemicals on your skin may damage or remove the lipid layer from skin, which allows water to escape from the epidermis, resulting in dry skin. Similarly, the use of chemicals and synthetics strip the skin by removing natural fats, oils, and nutrients which protect and hydrate the skin. Very often, an exposure to synthetic ingredients such as artificial fragrances or preservatives, may cause skin to dry out because of sensitivity, allergy, or irritation. Additionally, the overuse of cosmetics may also lead to dry skin as this disallows the skin to breathe and “get” oxygen.

One or a combination of the above reasons may be why your skin is or becomes dry. Primarily, this occurs when skin’s surface is disrupted, thus it cannot maintain its normal moisture level. Besides adjusting your lifestyle choices and habits (e.g. drinking more water, avoiding long hot bath), you can also start replenish your skin with the vital ingredients it needs to remain hydrated and radiant.

Skincare Solutions to Dry Skin

  1. Use moisturisers and serums made with natural ingredients that are filled with antioxidants and rich nutrients that your skin thrives on. Ingredients that offer emollient qualities (ingredients that soften and smooth the skin such as shea butter and coconut oil) are excellent to relief dry skin. Ideally, apply your moisturiser or serum while skin is still dampened to seal in hydration.

  2. Protect your skin with ingredients that are occlusives as they can form a coating on the surface on your skin to prevent water loss through the lipid barrier. Oils (e.g. grapeseed oil, argan oil), waxes (e.g. beeswax, candelilla wax), and butters (e.g. cocoa butter, mango butter) that are occlusives are wonderful ingredients that you may want to consider when choosing a skincare product for dry skin.

  3. Use cleansers that are gentle and natural for your skin. Avoid harsh cleansers which will strip off your natural oil and make it even drier. Also avoid cleansers which contain artificial fragrances, as these are made from mixtures of chemicals which may potentially irritate your skin. Look for mild, gentle cleansers which are oil-based for extra hydration. Oil-based cleansers will not strip your skin of its natural oil but still effective to remove any dirt and impurities.

  4. Always use a sunscreen during the day. Do not compromise your skin to the harmful UV rays, which causes your skin to develop wrinkles and reduce its ability to hold moisture.

  5. Choose skincare products that contain humectants (e.g. squalane, glycerine). Humectants attract water from the surrounding and underlying epidermis and bind it to skin to keep it hydrated and moisturised.

Customising Face Oil for your Skin Type

Every skin type is unique. You may have dry skin but would like to address other skin concerns as well. At Oil Perfect, our customised face oil is dedicated to craft simple yet effective skincare regimen, which is tailored for your skin type, skin concerns, and preferences, all in one. Not all oils are suitable for dry skin, but we can help you achieve your best ever skin, based on your needs and wants.

A well-hydrated skin with a strong lipid barrier is the key to a healthy looking, glowing skin. Additionally, it allows moisturisers and serums to absorb better into the skin. If you want beautiful, radiant skin, start to use products which are formulated to be genuinely beneficial for your skin type and help in restoring your lipid balance.

If your skin type does not fall under this category, please stay connected with us as we will have upcoming blogs on beauty tips for other skin types.