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Do you Need a Skincare Switch up?

Everyone has different skin needs, and these needs are constantly changing according to our environment. Skincare switch up is necessary not only for the seasons but also according to our age as well. It is possible to maintain healthy, happy skin, even as you age, if you are following the appropriate skincare routine that meets your skin’s needs.

When to Change your Skincare Routine

With our skin being a complex organ, its needs can never be satisfied by a single product or ingredient. Sometimes, a product may lose its efficacy over time as your skin adjusts to it. Hence, it is always wise to switch up your skincare routine especially when you see these signs:

A break out on your skin. When you try a new product, it is not uncommon to sometimes see a skin reaction. It could be just a purging stage, and this stage should pass in about 4 weeks time. If the breakout is still persistent after 6-8 weeks, it means your skin is reacting to the product, and it is time to change a new one.

Experiencing irritation, burning, or stinging on your skin. There are thousands of ingredients in skincare. Certain ingredients are more likely to cause irritation than others. For example, a single fragrance could be made up of hundreds of distinct chemicals, many of which are damaging to skin. Preservatives are also known to cause skin allergies or irritations. Once you spot the signs of peeling, flaking, redness, or burning sensation, you should stop using the product and find the next suitable one.

Your skin is still too dry. Do you still experience dry patches despite applying layers of products on your face? It could mean that your skin is not sufficiently moisturised. This is common when you use harsh chemicals on your skin or the products you are using is not hydrating enough for your skin. Certain ingredients in skincare such as retinoids, alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, or salicylic acid can cause dryness in skin.

Your skin produces too much oil. Over exfoliating or washing your face too often will result in over production of sebum at times. Your skin will produce more sebum to counter balance the dryness after cleansing. If your face is oily after moisturising, it simply means you are using the wrong moisturiser for your skin concerns. People with oily skin should not skip moisturising because your skin requires moisture and the loss of hydration will cause an increase in sebum production, leading to breakouts and uneven skin tone.

No result is seen. If you still do not see any improvement to your skin condition after using the product for 2 months, you should consider switching up your skincare routine. It is likely that the ingredients in the product are not catered to your skin concerns.

Other Factors that may Require a Skincare Switch Up

Season: Weather has a big impact on skin. It is important to feed the skin the necessary ingredients during different seasons so that your skin stays hydrated and nourished.

Age: As you age, the requirement for skincare will change. It is inevitable for changes to occur as we age, and this is most obvious as we step into our late 30s or early 40s. Skin texture and loss of collagen become noticeable. Skin may also become drier. It is then necessary to look for formulas which are rich in nutrients and active ingredients.

Lifestyle & Diet: A change of lifestyle or diet can impact your skin’s condition. For example, if you start taking long hot baths or showers, you may start experiencing drier skin than usual.

Thus, you have to listen to your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly. At Oil Perfect, the option of customising face oils gives you the flexibility to change your skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs at anytime. Customising your face oil allows you to choose the botanical oils suitable for you and just for you. Face oils are made up of natural botanical oils, and each oil has its unique properties to address different skin needs. Face oils provide a protective layer to trap in moisture, keeping the skin soft and supple. They are also filled with antioxidants and vitamins that help protect and repair the skin, while targeting at skin concerns like acne, scars and pigmentation. Best of all, they do not require preservatives that could potentially be harmful to the body or skin.

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